Rocketman. Recitation. Representation!

Dear Beautiful People,

Time for an adjective-filled update - after a non-stop incredible year of developments…

For the best part of said-year, I’ve had the unbridled joy of working with the preposterously talented Taron Egerton, Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden, Jamie Bell, Dame Harriet Walter, and many more, under the direction of the phenomenal Dexter Fletcher, and the musical supervision of the legendary Giles Martin - on the forthcoming ‘true fantasy’ Elton John biopic - ‘Rocketman’ - from Paramount Pictures.

During pre-production and principal photography, I also contributed to the soundtrack as pianist and backing vocalist, and provided on-set piano guides/recordings throughout.

The film drops on May 31st, and you can hear a little of my playing near the start of the official trailer,

as Elton works out ‘Your Song’ …

This last year has also caused a happy return to acting…

In line with several future projects I am producing, I have recently seen fit, as a man of Wales, to record a personal set of Dylan Thomas poems, for digital release, inspired by conversations with Dexter Fletcher, Dylan’s own readings, and the readings of Richard Burton.

Having completed the record this week, at long-time noise-collaborator Mark Rose’s sublimely bespoke studio (unique and perfect poetry-delivery-booth pictured below)

You are cordially invited to join me at the record launch of

‘The Air That Drew Away’

Wednesday 1st May, 2019 - 7-8pm

London Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London, WC2H 9BX

for an intimate, storied hour of recitations

that will dramatically portray the contrast, conflict, comedy and conviction 

at the oft-neglected emotional core of Dylan’s work.

More information re: tickets / digital release etc. will be made available shortly.

Lastly, and most assuredly the very furthest from least,

I am delighted to announce that I am now globally represented by the fine folk at

Air-Edel Associates

in all such creative endeavours hereon.


Much more to come on that, indeed, all of the above, and more, in the coming months…

It’s good to be back!