LISTEN: 'The Tortured Skies' - Brand New Records Available Now On Bandcamp!

Commercially available for the first time, 'The Tortured Skies' records feature the affected stylings of my spaghetti-western-tex-mex-surf-americana alter-ego, from the obscurely-produced to the sublime ...

While having personally made all the noises heard on debut album 'Storm In The South', I'm delighted to have been joined by the face-melting axeman that is Mr. Chris Montague for both the 'Border Ballads' record, and the instrumental surf single - 'Free Man's Burden'.

Click HERE to view the full discography, check out the tracks and, if feeling generous, to part with some supportive pennies!

More tracks/special guests to hit soon...

Noisily yours, with gratitude,

Michael L. Roberts