WATCH: BBC Radio 2 film of The Unpublished Cole Porter - I Know It's Not Meant For Me

Hello Folks,

A recent reinvigoration of an old email account led to my rediscovering this footage from my first BBC Radio 2 broadcast, in August 2009...

With the help of my then-manager Graham Pass, we enticed Russell Davies to the palace of performing arts that was London's 'Pizza On The Park', to hear my first quintet gig.

At the end of the first set that night, I sat at the piano to perform this rare gem of a song, originally a song-and-dance number, which had been dropped from the 1939 MGM production 'Rosalie'.

I'd found it in a bookshop in Brecon, South Wales some months before, and that night Russell asked if I'd do it on his radio show, for a Cole Porter-focused special.

A couple of years later, I performed it at a Cole Porter themed evening at The Royal Albert Hall, and now both studio and live recordings are available for the first time, with the kind permission of Warner / Chappell UK / US, from THE MLR STORE

Noisily yours,

Michael L. Roberts